Action Point Review

This is not a review I was planning on writing, hell this was a movie I didn’t even want to see but here we are anyways. The only reason I’m writing this review now and not the review of Solo I’ve been promising, is in the hopes that it save you money. Seriously I don’t care if only one person sees this as long as it convinces you not to waste your money.

Action Point is the latest movie from Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew, and is about them running a highly dangerous amusement park back in the  days before lawsuits were commonplace. Aside from the Jackass crew being in it there’s nothing really that sets the plot apart. The story in action point is so cliché the only keeping it from qualifying as a Lifetime channel movie is the R-rated humor.

To be honest there wasn’t a lot of good in this movie. The only good thing this movie really has going for it is a halfway decent recurring joke about a drunk bear. Which is not nearly enough to save a movie. I apologize for this section being so short but I honestly couldn’t think of any other positives.

Now for the bad which is the entire movie so buckle up its going to be a long one. Starting off the bad is the acting. Almost every performance is either cringy and obnoxious or just flat-out cardboard. A big part of where this movie went wrong is the script which was written by SEVEN different people. The movie tries to be sweet and endearing whilst trying to be a loud and obnoxious guy flick, all whilst being poorly written. I know most of you will say “it’s a movie with the Jackass crew what were you expecting?” and if you’re one of those people you are absolutely right Jackass is all about the insane and absurd stunts. The main problem with this movie is it hardly has any. Instead the movie focuses mainly on the story which is where my problem lies. By far my biggest problem with the movie is that it just isn’t funny. Almost all the jokes and the few stunts in there fall completely flat. All the jokes either rely on slap stick, sexual innuendo, or something overly gross for the sake of it, it all makes the movie feel incredibly obnoxious.

Action point is poorly written, unfunny and filled to the brim with terrible acting. Save your money go see Upgrade, Deadpool 2, hell even Solo but do not go see Action Point. This is the worst movie of 2018 that I’ve seen thus far and I hope this is as bad as it gets.



F or .1.2 a.k.a TRASH FIREaction point trash fire.jpg


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