Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler Free)

Before we get started yes this review is spoiler free, and no I will not be doing a spoiler review. For those of you who have seen the movie I have a simple request: to please be respectful of those who haven’t seen the movie and do not wish to have it spoiled. Please do not abuse the comment section to discuss spoilers, if you really must talk spoilers please go to a different site who have specific posts for people to talk about spoilers. If I do find spoilers in the comment section your comment will be deleted. I know it’s a little over four weeks after the movie has released and that most people who have wanted to see it have seen it already but please be respectful to those who haven’t made it out to the theater yet.

Thank you.


Avengers Infinity War is the long-awaited first part of the two-part conclusion to the current Marvel cinematic universe. As a huge Marvel fan the hype was real for this movie. They’ve been teasing this movie for TEN YEARS. So there was a lot of pressure on Marvel to get this movie right, and I’m happy to report that it does for the most part.


Due to the amount of people who have A. already seen the movie, B. have seen a Marvel movie, or C. Don’t want to know anything about this movie before seeing it, I will not be including a description of the plot (plus it’s hard to talk about the plot without giving away something).



I have a few minor complaints with the film before we get into the good but its nothing that really hurts it overall. The first of which is that the pacing at first is a little off. It does find its footing pretty quickly, (about 20 minutes into the film) but it is worth noting. surprisingly enough after watching the film a second time the pacing didn’t really bother me. My second problem is that there’s a good scene and half with very obvious green screen, almost to the point of Justice League (the entire third act for Justice League was just laughably bad green screen) but seeing as the scene only last about 3 – 5 minutes out of a two-hour and forty minute film this can be easily overlooked.


As for the good, Infinity War accomplishes just about everything it sets out to do. Its action is engaging and well shot, the dialogue is sharp and witty, the character development is well thought out and often more emotional than it has any right to be, and Mavels signature brand of humor only appears when necessary (due to the incredibly dark tone of the movie the humor is necessary at parts to lighten the mood). But what really makes Infinity War special is Josh Brolin’s brilliant portrayal of Thanos the mad titan (the villain who’s been teased since the after credits scene of the first Avengers). Not only does Marvel give us their best villain to date they give us a villain we can sympathize with (a first for Marvel movies). The movie also doesn’t feel too terribly bloated. almost every hero gets their moment without it feeling forced.

Marvel starts the beginning of the end with a climatic, emotional roller coaster that will leave audience in both awe and shock by the time the credits roll. While there were a few minor issues, they do little to hamper the movies overall impact.


I give Avengers Infinity War an A+ or 9.8


Thanks for reading sorry this post is late, I had to see the movie a few times to eliminate bias. Keep an eye out this weekend for my reviews of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Deadpool 2.

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