Best Movies Of 2017 Part 1

2017 has been by far one of my favorite years for movies in a long time. Few years have brought us a consistently good lineup of movies. So I decide it was finally time to release what i thought were the best movies of 2017, only I saw a good majority of what came out last year so instead of cramming it all into one big list I’m going to be releasing it in parts and then at the end putting all the parts together to form the big list, at least if i do it this way I have frequent uploads if I just released it as one big list all at once I wouldn’t be able to upload for a few days due to how big the list actually is. So without further delay I present my picks for the best movies of 2017.





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30. Get Out

Kicking off our list is the directorial debut of comedian Jordan Peel.  While yes it was marketed as a horror movie it quickly becomes apparent while watching the film that it is much more than that. It’s a social commentary at its core but one that is delivered in a sincere and often hilarious way. A lot of people have been turned off by how weird and wildly different it is ( I personally know a  few people who didn’t quite know how to feel about the film). I personally believe this is a good thing. You know a movie with a message is doing its job when it manages to make people feel uncomfortable.  Overall I was a fan of Get Out and can’t wait to see what Jordan Peel does next.




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29.Lady Bird

Next up on our list is the critically beloved Lady Bird. While I liked the movie quite a bit I can’t figure out why people think it’s one of the best movies in recent memory. It’s good but has a few issues mainly with under developed characters that we are expected to care about whilst knowing almost nothing about them, that and there’s a few subplots that never get tied up. But overall the movie is good. The writing is witty, the core cast of characters are lovable, and the humor had me laughing throughout. So if you get the chance I would say that if you like coming of age stories this is definitely worth your time.




ll tn.jpg


28. Logan Lucky

Next up on the list is the movie that managed to bring director Steven Soderbergh (Director of Ocean’s 11)  out of retirement. What we got here was a fun twist on the heist movie genre. The movie centers around Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) two hillbilly brothers from North Carolina who plan on robbing the Charlotte motor speedway during a massive NASCAR race after Jimmy gets laid off from his construction job on the speedway. The movie is easily one of the funniest and most enjoyable movies of 2017 and serves as a welcome return of Director Steven Soderbergh.



ksi tn.jpg


27. Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island is definitely a guilty pleasure movie, and by guilty pleasure I mean a giant 100 feet tall gorilla fighting giant monsters on a deserted island full of giant monsters level of guilty pleasure. The movie does have a few issues in terms of pacing and character development but  few monster movies actually have decent character development so I’ll give it a pass in that department. I will say it does pale in comparison to the 2005 film directed by Peter Jackson (and is in my opinion one of the best monster movies ever made). The one directed by Peter Jackson still had the monster v.s. monster action you’d expect from a monster movie but also had well developed characters and oddly enough had these beautiful moments in it that had me tearing up a bit. Whereas this recent one is a non-stop action thrill ride. So if you go in expecting something more along the lines of the 2014 Godzilla remake (which share a universe with this movie) you won’t come out disappointed.




ml tn.jpg


26.Megan Leavy


Last up on part one of this list is Megan Leavy, which is about the bond between a marine and her war dog so if you are a dog owner and hate seeing dogs in peril you may want to skip this one. Those who don’t skip this one will find a touching story about a marine and her dog and the lengths she went to to bring him home after she was discharged. I was honestly blown away by this movie, I expected it to be little more than a tear jerker but I am happy to say this movie isn’t some cheap cash grab meant to manipulate your emotions. The film has a deep story, an excellent performance from Kate Mara, and excellent practical effects.



Thank you for reading part one of my best movies of 20017 list. Be sure Sure to keep an eye out later this week for the next few parts. Please feel free to comment about your favorite movies of 2017 and I’ll see you in the next post.

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