Favorite Games By Genre: Open World

Games have had a massive impact on my life so I found it fitting to make a list based on my favorites, only I’ve played a ton of games so it would be a lot to cram them onto one list so I’m going to make a series out of it and rate my favorite games by genre. How this works is I’ll be going through my favorite games genre by genre and then end the series with a final list of my favorite games of all time. Due to the wide range of genres we are covering you will see the some of the same games on multiple lists which will help them net a spot on the final list. To make the lists I will need to have at least played the game so any games I haven’t played will not be appearing.

Today’s genre is: Open World.

Open world games can be difficult to get right. If you have too little to do your game and the world it takes place in runs the risk of feeling dead and barren with not nearly enough to do which can lead to your game feeling like a monotonous grind.  On the flip side if you have too much to do you run the risk of overwhelming the player and in some cases can scare them off entirely. But if done right open worlds can be some of the most immersive gaming experiences a player can have. When done correctly open worlds have the ability to make us feel like we are there, truly putting us in the shoes of the character thus making the game itself better.  I’ll be judging these games not only on the quality of their open world but also the game as a whole. So now without further delay I present my top ten open world games.





fc 3 tn.jpg


10. Far Cry 3


Kicking off our list is the third entry in the Far Cry Series. Far Cry 3 places you in the shoes of Jason Brody, your typical millennial who is vacationing in the Rook Islands with his two brothers and three friends when they are captured by the Mentally unstable warlord known as Vaas. After escaping Vaas during the opening, the game drops you into the massive island and tasks you with rescuing your companions. You then spend the rest of the game building your arsenal of weapons, hunting animals for crafting materials, exploring the island with the wing suit, and generally just wreaking havoc for Vaas and his crew. The game is an absolute blast to play, and the graphics were quite good for 2012 and still hold up fairly well by today’s standards. One of the games stronger aspects is definitely the story. For me all the emotional moments hit the mark and I was genuinely surprised by just how well the story was written. And then there’s Michael Mondo’s chilling portrayal of Vaas, which still haunts me and most gamer’s to this day. Vaas feels legitimately threatening and you never know quite where the story is taking him, which makes him all the more terrifying. My one massive complaint about the game is there isn’t much to do after the main story. But it earns itself a spot as one of my favorites due to it’s immersive story, memorable performances, and well designed island locale.




Skyrim tn.jpg



9. The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim


If you ever wanted to be in a Lord Of The Rings-esque world this is the game that can give you that feeling. Few companies make open world games quite like Bethesda. While yes there is a story it’s very bare bones but it’s on purpose. It’s so that you can focus more on your journey rather than the one the game lays out for you.  even after you complete the lengthy story there is still so much more to do, from exploring and looting dungeons, to the various side quests, to just exploring the parts of the world that you haven’t visited yet, Skyrim has remained a staple of gaming since it’s initial release and will probably continue to do so until The Elder Scrolls 6.




ffxv tn.jpg


8. Final Fantasy 15


I’m not going to lie I was never a massive Final Fantasy fan but as a huge fan of RPGs i decided to check 15 out and I am so glad I did. The world is massive and full of things to do, the story is fantastic, the characters are endearing and memorable, and the gameplay is satisfying.  I poured a good 50 hours into this one and will probably pour twice that into it now that it’s finally coming to PC. If you love a good RPG like I do or just like a good story this is a must have.



7. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


Easily one of the best games of 2017 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild not only just set a new standard for Zelda games, it set a new standard for gaming as a whole. Much like Skyrim the story is kinda bare bones but again it’s like that so that the real story can be about you the player, and I dare say it did it better than Skyrim. Where as i evventually got bored of Skyrim I never got bored of this game. From exploring the absolutely massive open world, to completing the various puzzle shrines which are all uniquely different, to it’s finely tuned combat, to even just cooking this game is an absolute marvel.


sptfbw tn.jpg

6. South Park Series


The Ubisoft South Park games have been some of the most weird games in the history of gaming but they’re also some of the most fun I’ve had with games in recent years. As a huge fan of the show this game was a dream come true. It let’s you create your own character and then sets you loose in the iconic world of South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone put their hearts and souls into these games and it shows (Trey Parker convinced his doctor to let him leave the hospital after having his gull bladder removed so that he could record lines for the fractured but whole). Every corner of the world is full of the signature humor that makes the show so special and it makes for a fantastic gaming experience.


fo4 tn.jpg

5. Fallout 4


Another phenomenal open world game from Bethesda, only this time it’s in post apocalyptic America. Unlike Skyrim I found the story of fallout 4 to be actually engaging. After creating your custom survivor the game tasks you with tracking down your missing son Shaun. I won’t say anymore than that do to spoilers. The world of Fallout 4 is full of things to do. From touring the sights of post apocalyptic  Boston to building your alliance of fellow survivors to looting the bombed out buildings the game is a total blast, albeit a terrifying look at a post apocalyptic future.



tw3 wh tn.jpg

4.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Easily of the best games of the 21st century, The Witcher 3 is a victory for gaming as a whole. Featuring a gigantic open world, memorable characters, and an engaging story the Witcher 3 is as worthy of our praise now as it was in 2015. Few games have come out since then that even remotely match the caliber of this game and I doubt that will change anytime soon.


gta v tn.jpg

3.Grand Theft Auto 5

To this day GTA V somehow still remains relevent. I can’t say I know exactly how but what I do know is this game is a must have for anyone over 18. From the expansive movie worthy story that’s around 50 hours long, to the realistic recreation of Los Angeles in the form of Los Santos, to the chaotic but eternally fun multiplayer this game truly has something for everyone.


dai tn.jpg

2.Dragon Age Inquisition

Before the cluster f–k that was Mass Effect Andromeda Bioware release this gem of an RPG. Going into it I was worried that I wouldn’t understand the story because I hadn’t played any previous Dragon Age games but all my fears were gone within an hour as I near instantly found myself Falling in love with the world, the characters, cinematic story, and the excellent gameplay. The game let’s you choose from a variety of different races (Elf,Dwarf, Human, Quenari which is this human bull-esque creature) and a variety of different classes (mage,warrior, rogue,ETC, I personally prefer mage) it all makes for a highly immersive RPG that I still find myself replaying from time to time and cannot wait for the next one.


mgsv tn.jpg

1. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Another game I hadn’t played any previous entries in. While you don’t need to play the previous games I’d still recommend it. Beyond that The Phantom Pain is one of the few games I’d give an S or masterpiece rating to. The game puts you into the shoes of Big Boss the leader of a PMC in the cold war era. What follows is pure video game magic that only director/ creator Hideo Kojima is capable of.  This game has not only one but two open worlds full of things to do and contracts to take part in. I still find myself playing it today and so do two of my closest friends.


Thanks for reading my first list of my favorite games by genre. Keep an eye out tomorrow for the second list which covers the horror game genre.

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