Road to the Oscars: All The Money In The World Review

All The Money In The World was directed by Ridley Scott and has become infamous for recasting the role that originally went to Kevin Spacey  (I am NOT opening that can of worms if you want to know more about that find someplace else) less than a month from its scheduled release date. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with this movie not only because it was a great drama film but because Ridley Scott and Christopher Plummer reshot a little under half the movie and that it turned out as well as it did. Of course the reshoots were not perfect and I’ll get into that in a little bit.


The movie is based on the real life kidnapping of John Paul Getty the third  (Charlie Plummer) and Follows his mother Gail (Michelle Williams) as she tries to convince her ex-father in law Jean Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer) who is also the richest man in the world to pay the ransom, which he initially refuses. Getty sends his security consultant/fixer Fletcher Chase (Mark Wahlberg) to help Gail secure the release of her son.



Let’s start by looking at the performances. Michele Williams gives an Oscar worthy performance here.She really sells her role as a mother desperately trying to cope with the situation whilst trying to get her son back. Her ability to act distressed throughout the whole film without it getting on the audiences nerves by the end needs to be applauded here because a lot of actresses really would have screwed this role up by hamming it up too much and Michele Williams remains sympathetic without going stereotypical damsel in distress.  Christopher Plummer also really shines and deserves an Oscar for his role as Jean Paul Getty. While Getty is meant to be cold Plummer also finds a way to make him seem sympathetic and human throughout the movie. He too needs to be applauded because again in the wrong hands this role really could have been bad. Seriously though I recommend watching this simply for his performance because it is polarizing. On the other hand we have Mark Wahlberg who was decent but ultimately felt miscast for the role of hostage negotiator. I felt that the role really could have been something special were it given to someone like Jake Gyllenhaal, but Wahlberg was serviceable enough.


There are a few cons to this movie though the first of which was kind of unavoidable due to reshoots but it’s an issue all the same. Some will find this funny others will find it distracting but Mark Wahlbergs body mass can shift pretty drastically in between certain scenes. I found it both amusing and a little distracting but I don’t really hold it against the movie because I do think the reshoots were the right call. My only other issue is that it doesn’t give you very much reason to care about John Paul Getty the third which does weigh the movie down a bit.


Overall All The Money In The World is a memorable watch. It’s beautifully shot, well acted and features some stand out performances. For those who care about the Oscars this is definitely one to keep your eye on.


I rate All The Money In The World an A- or 9.2

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