Finding Paradise Review (To The Moon 2) (Plus a Special message to the creator of the game).

To the Moon is one of the most underrated games ever made, and one of my favorite games of all time. No game had made me laugh, cry and just affected me emotionally quite like it did. It told a genuine story that was just very human. It resonated with me so much so that I’ve played it once a year since 2014 (when I first played it).  Between the minisodes and A Bird Story one could say the hype for the sequel was TO THE MOON ( I apologize for my crap joke). After playing the game I’m happy to say that the sequel is about as good as the first and for those who haven’t played the first that’s about the highest praise I can give. It does everything a great sequel should, it builds upon what made the first one so great, it gives you more reasons to invest in the already lovable characters, fleshes out the already intriguing premise, and just takes you on another emotional journey. Not to mention that both games have some of the most beautiful music in all of gaming and cinema.

I am not going to say much for the plot because that would be an incredible disservice to both games. The best I can say is go play them. they’re both like ten bucks on steam plus the first one is now on mobile devices. So just go play them, seriously you will not regret it, though maybe bring a box of tissues because things can get quite sad.

Normally I’d start off with the cons but I just can’t find any. The story may not hit as hard as the original, but I still found it extremely meaningful. Unlike most major critics I try to rate thing for what they are not as we want or think they should be. So for the beautiful and meaningful story that this game was trying to tell I simply couldn’t find much wrong with it.

Now for the pros.

The character are built upon quite nicely from the original, it follows the same characters from the original while introducing some new ones that are instantly memorable.

I thought the story was about as strong as the originals, plus it made a few call backs that rewarded those who played the original. The story was as sad as it was funny, as charming as it was eye-opening. It went out of its way to tell an impactful story that I ended up relating to quite heavily. It truly is amazing how a game made in RPG maker ended up impacting me so heavily. The emotional impact is amplified by the absolutely incredible score that makes the emotional moments hit all the harder.

Before I end the review I’d like to write a quick message to the developer of the game on the off chance he sees it. To Mr. Gao and the rest of FreeBird games, I know you don’t know me and probably will never see this but I just wanted to say thank you for creating such beautiful games that’s impacted me and so many others. Please continue to make games because you have a genuine gift for storytelling that I hope you continue to use.

In conclusion Finding Paradise Is a memorable game (I hesitate to call it a game because it’s more of an experience) filled with unforgettable characters and a gripping narrative.

I rate finding Paradise an A+ or 9.9

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