Holiday Gift Lists: 10 Best Gifts For Gamer’s 2017

With Christmas fast approaching and gift shopping in full swing, I thought I’d try something different and do a few best gift lists for gamer’s, movie lovers, and geeks. For this list I’m looking more at hardware and accessories so no Assassin’s Creed hidden blades, or Destiny ghosts here as those items will  get a list of their own.

Full disclosure before we start. I AM NOT SPONSORED by any of these products. While I may own a few of the products on this list I bought them with my own money. Nor do I earn anything if you click on the links (hell I doubt these companies know I exist) I only put them there so if you actually want to buy one of the items you don’t have to track it down yourself. I just thought it would be fun to make a few lists recommending what to get for that geek in your life. Also theses gifts are in no particular order. Yes they will be numbered but the numbers bear no significance other than to organize the entries.


10. Thrustmaster: T flight HOTUS 4 flight stick

Price: $53.49

Works with: PS4, PC

Who it’s for: Gamers who love flight simulators like EVE Online, and Elite Dangerous.

Link to buy it:


At number 10 we have the Thrustmaster T flight HOTUS 4 for PC and PS4. If you know someone who plays a lot of flight games and doesn’t have one this gift is probably a good choice. This is one of the few products on the list I actually bought for myself (once again not sponsored). I have to say that the flight stick is actually pretty solid. It feels good to use plus it definitely has an advantage over a gamepad, and a mouse and keyboard for flight games. There is a more expensive version that comes with pedals as well but they are completely unnecessary but if they end up wanting them later the flight stick does have a slot for them, so you can buy the pedals separately if you need to.


9. SNES Classic

Price; normally $79.99 but do to scalpers buying them whenever they come in stock it’s more around $130.

What is it: A remake of the second Nintendo console with 21 of the classic 90’s Nintendo games to choose form.

Who it’s for: gamer’s who mess the good old days of classic 90’s gaming.

link to buy: again it’s out of stock everywhere plus I hate scalpers with a firey passion so no link here, you’ll have better luck tracking it down in person.


At number 9 is the SNES classic. again unless you plan on spending big the chances of finding this are minimal, but on the off chance you find one it would make a great stocking-stuffer for the gamer in your life who loves classic games that helped shape the industry.


8. TPCast wireless VR kit


HTC VIVE version:$299.99

Oculus Rift version: Pre-order$349.99

Works with: PC VR headsets

Who it’s for: Gamer’s with a VR headset. wired VR can be a serious problem at times with all the cables.

link to buy:


As someone who owns an Oculus Rift let me tell you the wires can be a pain in the ass. luckily wireless vr is on the rise and I’ve heard good things about TP cast specifically. while its not the cheapest it has literally no lag between the computer and the headset, plus it comes with a lot of hard ware to make it work so the price makes sense. You also probably want some sort of fanny pack for the battery so it’s no wieghing down your pocketsd.I will definitely be buying one of these once it comes out for Oculus. It’s already out for the HTC VIVE though so if you know someone with a HTC VIVE and they use it a lot, then this is definitely a good gift for them.


7. Antank Nintendo Switch battery case


works with: Nintendo switch

Who it’s for: Anyone who owns a switch

Link to buy:

With the Nintendo Switch being the hot ticket item this year it makes perfect sense to have a accessory for it on the list. This is another one of the items that i actually own (I cannot state enough that I’m not sponsored) and it is definitely one of the better battery cases for the switch.  it has a compartment for storing two games,a carrying pouch, two kick stand legs, plus an LED indicator on the back to let you know how much battery is left. And best of all it has the usb c port on the side so you can charge and play at the same time with the kickstands down. Honestly its one of my favorite items on the list and makes the already fantastic Nintendo Switch even better.


6. Blue Yeti microphone


works with: PC

who its for: that someone who wants to get into recording, streaming, ETC



I personally have one that I use and am going to start using more for recording videos, and I absolutely love it. It has great audio quality, a multitude of different settings and just straight up looks nice. it comes in a variety of different colors but it affects the price, but tech wise there’s no difference on which color you choose. If you know someone looking for a good mic for streaming or recording this is a great mic to start off with.


5.Banana holder (ok hear me out on this one)

Price: around $8.00

who its for: Someone with headphones.

link: just go to your local Walmart or look for yourself online, there are so many different kinds probably best you just pick the one you like.


I thought it was crazy to but after getting one I discovered that banana holders make for great headphone stands. I have one for my hyper X cloud 2 headset and it works wonderfully as well as looks nice. Trust me if you have someone looking for a good headset stand these are cheap and actually look pretty decent.


4. Oculus Rift cover


who its for: Anyone who owns a rift.


The original cover for the Rift can be quite itchy and uncomfortable making this a necessity. I personally own this cover and it definitely gets the job done its more comfortable than the original cover, and is fairly simple to put on. it fits right over the original and comes with two of the cover so you have a spare.



3. Custom Xbox controller


works with:Xbox One, PC

who its for; someone who likes Xbox controllers



There’s not too much to say about this one. If you know someone who loves Xbox controllers this allows them to design their own. You can choose the color of almost every aspect of the controller, Plus you can have an engraving on it. If they need a new controller and want it to feel unique this is probably the way to do it.


2. extra storage for PS4 slim


works with: PS4 Slim

who it’s for: those like me who bought a 500 gigabyte PS4 Slim.



If you are like me and you bought the PS4 Slim while it was on sale earlier this year (February to be precise) then you probably ran out of storage by now because the PS4 Slim only came with 500 gigabytes back then. Seagate is pretty reliable when it comes to storage for your devices. I have yet to get one myself but the one I linked to has 2 terabytes of storage so It should tide you over for a while.


1.Nintendo Switch


who its for: Someone who loves Nintendo



A lot of people were skeptical about the Switch after the massive flunk that was the WiiU

fortunately after a year off Nintendo hit the ground running with a fantastic console that you can play high quality games and actually bring it places (I’ve been dreaming of this day since the freaking GameBoy. Not only is the console good but the games that came out for it this year were amazing. though I would recommend getting a screen protector ASAP seeing as the dock that lets you play on the tv can easily scratch the screen. if you know a huge Nintendo fan, get them this they won’t be disappointed.


That’s it for my gifts for gamer’s list keep an eye out for more lists shortly and thanks for reading.


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