Road To The Last Jedi: Return Of The Jedi Review

Welcome back to my road to The Last Jedi series where I review the original trilogy (the remaster from the early 2000’s) and The Force Awakens in anticipation for The Last Jedi. Today I’ll be reviewing Return Of The Jedi and as before I’ll be focusing more on the technical aspects of what made this movie work and what didn’t instead of the performances because if you’re reading this you more than likely have your own opinion already and don’t need my input on them.


I’m going to start off with the flaws for once the main of which being the ewoks. As a kid I didn’t mind them, I tolerated them, but coming back as an adult they’re just straight up horrible and have no logical reason for existing other than George Lucas wanted something for the kids in the theater and ended up murdering the other wise dramatic tone the movie was going for,for the sake of selling ewok plushies. Which leads us into my second problem which is that the tone is really inconsistent. It switches from a dark climatic final showdown between Luke, Darth Vader and The Emperor to ewoks murdering stormtroopers with rocks turning the movie into a slapstick comedy that only the most immature of children will find funny. It really sucks that they chose to pander to children because this could have been an ending to remember had they gone with the darker approach you could tell the director wanted to take. What I’m saying is that Star Wars needed saving from George Lucas long before the prequels. The last thing that bugs me is the ham-fisted dialogue that plagues the latter half of the movie, namely when Luke reveals to Leia that they’re twins. the dialogue just felt forced (no pun intended) and just really could have been handled better.


As for the pros the effects are as strong as ever. There’s a bit more computer generated stuff than in the previous films but what’s done practically holds up really well to this day. I will say when the movie is allowed to pursue the darker tone it really hits it’s stride… until you’re suddenly watching ewoks murder stormtroopers but when it’s allowed to not be an ewok movie it works and makes for a satisfying ending.


Return Of The Jedi is not the perfect ending that the original trilogy deserved but when it’s not an ewok film it makes for an entertaining ending. I’m just glad they didn’t bring them back for The Force Awakens (Expect that tomorrow ). And to answer this now NO I will not review the ewok stand alone movies that exists(unless I get desperate for a review but likely never gonna happen). Those are an abomination that didn’t deserve to be made.


I rate Return Of The Jedi an B- or 8.1


Thank you for reading and expect my review of The Force Awakens very soon. Also expect a different kind of review closer to Christmas involving Star Wars (HINT,HINT).



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