Road To The Last Jedi: Star Wars A New Hope Review

As a lead up to the last Jedi I will be reviewing the original trilogy, The Force Awakens, and Rogue One A Star Wars Story. I will not be reviewing the prequels because well they’re the prequels. Also I am reviewing the remaster of the original trilogy from the early 2000s.


Due to the fact that everyone reading this has probably seen this I won’t get into the performances here because we all know they were all pretty solid performances. I will say that the memorable characters form the beating heart that made this movie a true classic. Instead I’ll be going over what made this movie work and a few problems that it faces.


Where the movie really shines is its use of both practical effects and CGI. At the time the computer generated effects were revolutionary at the time and went on to inspire the industry for years to come. But going back and rewatching it what really stands out is the practical effects and set design. They didn’t try to overuse CGI instead they used an effective mix of set design coupled with the computer generated effects. For example they could have easily made C3-PO and R2-D2 CGI but instead did them practically and the movie was better for it. It’s because of the use of practical effects that the world feels fleshed out.


Where this movie shows its age though is the audio and some more minor technical stuff. And what I mean by audio is that a lot of scenes don’t seem to have ADR, (which is rerecording the lines in a studio after the actual scene has been shot so that the audio is clearer, though I’m not sure if it was around back then). Another issue that they actually could fix is the lack of transitions that it’s sequels used so well. It becomes really jarring after a while and this needs to be fixed if they ever remaster it again.


A New Hope has gone down as a classic and it’s hard to argue otherwise. From it’s memorable characters, to the set design and special effects, to the timeless story, A New Hope inspired generations (mine included) and gave us a phenomenal franchise to grow up and love. (Until the prequels but those are reviews for a different time).


I rate Star Wars A New Hope an A or 9.5.


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the rest of my Star Wars Reviews very shortly.

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