Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Review in progress

Seeing as the expansion is massive this will only be for the story portion right now with the other aspects of the expansion being added later.


When they announced Destiny 2 would be getting two expansions similar to the first 2 (House Of Wolves, Dark Below) in the original Destiny, I was skeptical seeing as they weren’t that great. Surprisingly Curse Of Osiris is actually pretty damn good with a much stronger story than I expected. Due to the story being much better than I thought I won’t say too much about it but I’ll cover the basics. The story starts off with your guardian receiving a distress call from Osiris, (The most powerful guardian in existence, mentor of Ikora). Osiris is trapped on Mercury in the infinite forest which is a sort a simulation room the size of a planet, It’s too long and complicated to get in to here. Point being you have to go and rescue him.


Where the expansion really shines is the infinite forest due to its cool visuals and level design, plus it leaves a lot of places for the story to go in the future. Another place where the expansion really shines is the introduction of Osiris and his Ghost Sagira. The two are instantly likable and I hope Bungie brings them back in the future. The main issue I had with the expansion is that the story only took about 3 hours to beat but its an expansion and only cost about $20, Plus this is Destiny so there’s a lot more to do once you clear the story. The expansion brings with it a myriad of new content, such as new strikes, public events, adventures, and eventually new raid content.


Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris is a strong addition to the series so far. It’s strong level design and likable new characters elevate it further. The expansions only downfall is how short the story is but I can recommend it pretty heavily due to all the content beyond the story.


If I had to rate it now B+ or 8.7


Thanks for reading look forward to the rest of this review plus keep an eye out this weekend for my  review of The Disaster Artist, and The Shape Of Water.

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