7 Things Wrong with Destiny 2 Currently

Destiny 2 was a great game and a vast improvement over the first but still has quite a few issues waiting to be resolved. Before I get started I want to state that some of these problems are likely going to be patched in the coming months, but they are still issues right now therefore they are fair game. Also note that none of these entries are in any particular order.

7. The Story

The original Destiny became infamous due to its so called cinematic campaign having virtually no story, and being basically just a bunch of objectives coupled with some shooting, and some voice acting. And while yes the DLC did later add a story, you had to pay extra for that leaving a bunch o pissed off fans. Destiny 2 sought to rectify this completely by adding an actual story at launch. While the story was entertaining and cinematic, it felt very paint by the numbers, been there done that, that paled in comparison to Bungie’s ground breaking story telling in the original Halo trilogy. Here’s hoping the coming expansions fix the story again.

6. The Shader controversy.

Honestly this one really isn’t an issue anymore when compared to Battle Front 2 but people still aren’t happy about it therefore we get to talk about it. For those who don’t play the game, shaders are purely cosmetic items used for dyeing your armor or weapons are certain color and were not single use in the first game, meaning you found it once and got to use it as many times as you wanted on what ever weapon or armor you wanted. Now shaders are single use meaning you can only use it once on a single piece of armor or weapon and then its gone forever. making matters worse is the fact you can now spend real money on shaders. I don’t really have an issue with shader seeing as they give you shaders for almost every activity but people still hate it so it’s on the list.

5. Destiny 1.5?

Another huge complaint which I’ve actually heard from some of my friends is that Destiny 2 is basically the first one but with a story and on a PC this time. Which is actually a valid complaint but it’s still fun as hell to play especially now that it’s on PC. But I’ll agree that Destiny 2 feels more like a half measure than a full on sequel. The menu and powers work exactly the same, and the gun-play hasn’t changed much if at all. Here’s hoping that it develops a bit more of its own identity in the DLC.

4.Randomized multiplayer game modes

This is a major issue with fans and that is the fact that you can’t choose which multiplayer game mode to play, you’re stuck with whatever the game sticks you in and that sucks. This now leads us into our next issue.


This game mode is the bane of hardcore Destiny players everywhere. The premise of the game-mode is simple when you kill a member of the opposing team they drop a crest, to get credit for the kill you need to pick up the crest. Whoever collects the most points gained from collecting crests wins the match. Unfortunately in almost every God damn match I’ve been in I’ve had at least one team mate refuse to pick up crests. I don’t know if they don’t understand if the game mode works or if they’re just trolling but it’s incredibly frustrating and I’ve lost a ton of matches because of it.

2.Swords in PVP

Another issue with multiplayer is the swords, which while yes they use heavy ammo which is hard to get still feel way too overpowered. Meaning they one shot you. But they can be useful in Supremacy when your down a lot of points due to that one team mate so I’ll let it slide.

  1. PVP Skill Matching in Quick Play

This is by far my single biggest issue with the game. When you join multiplayer you expect to be paired with people who are evenly matched to your skill level, well it appears Bungie said “F–k it! We don’t need that.” because skill matching just doesn’t work here. I’ve had to carry my team-mates countless times because they just couldn’t play well for the life of them. It gets really annoying after a while and Bungie needs to fix this.

Thank you for reading. If you have an issue with Destiny 2 feel free to share it in the comments.

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