Mother! Review

very rarely do I find a movie that leaves me at a loss, Mother! does that tenfold. To be honest I don’t know where the hell to start with this review. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky known best for directing Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream. I haven’t seen either of his previous works but I’ve heard that they’re good and that they won’t prepare you for this one. I went in purposefully knowing almost nothing other than seeing the trailer and hearing from critics to prepare to have your head screwed with. And I got to say after seeing it that I don’t know what the hell I just watched. It starts out slowly and dream-like then in the last half hour turns into a full on descent into hell. I’m going to side with most critics by saying that I both loved and hated this movie. this review is going to be different than most of mine mainly because I want to avoid spoilers as much as possible. As always no movie is without it’s flaws so let’s get into it.


As I said earlier I want to avoid spoiling as much as possible and I also want to avoid setting false expectations for this one so I’m not going to type up the normal description due to the fact that a lot of people are heading into this movie expecting something that its not then getting angry online over it. So I’m going to post the trailer but I’m going to advise you not watch it if you plan on seeing this movie.




Jennifer Lawerence stars as the title character known as mother and gives a performance that haunted me long after the movie ended. Javier Bardem stars as Him who is married to Jennifer Lawerence’s Mother character. Bardem gives a quietly powerful performance that really helped give the movie the surreal feeling it was going for. Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris star as a couple known only as man and woman and play the mysterious visitors that show up at their house. They both gave suitably subtle performances that again help carry the movie to greatness.


Here is where I normally put the cons but I can’t really decide with this movie.


Mother! is an oddball of a movie. It tells a very unconventional story filled to the brim with metaphors and puzzles pieces to help the viewer figure out the meaning. I honestly can” decide on this movie so instead of giving a conventional rating I’m going to recommend that if you like movies that get you thinking and screw with you on a mental level that you absolutely go see this.

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