Annabelle Creation : A PSA Why Teenagers Ruin Movie Going


(Less like a review more like a rant)

For those few who read my reviews this is going to be vastly different from what I normally do. Tonight I went to go see Annabelle Creation, which I was kinda looking forward to after watching The Conjuring in preparation. unfortunately this was the single worst experience I’ve ever had in a theater. My evening was ruined by an entire theater full of teenagers who wouldn’t stop laughing, talking and flirting/foreplay. I see movies in theaters about 2-3 times a week (Always at a Harkins Because they are legitimately the best theater I’ve gone to. AMC (Overpriced bad seats, talking), The Lot (kinda fine from what I saw when I was on Vacation in California), Studio Movie Grill (An employee screamed about a specific death in the force awakens right before it started, was the first showing on opening night). are all just kinda bad in my opinion. I’ve had various bad experiences at the big three theaters listed above multiple times. At Harkins I’ve had almost always no problem and that changed tonight). To be clear I’m not going to be bashing Harkins, it wasn’t their fault and frankly I love their theaters. No tonight I’m going to keep my review to a brief paragraph and spend the rest ranting about why you shouldn’t count on human decency when it comes to teenagers and movie theaters. I totally understand if this type of review isn’t for you and review types should return to normal after this so just bare with me. The rant portion will not contain my usual jokes (*Cough* The Mummy jokes) and instead will be a real talk that I think needs to be had. As always no Movie (and in this case audience) is without It’s flaws so let’s get into it.


Annabelle Creation has a great cast, strong writing tense pacing, and just a few too many jump-scares. Honestly a prequel of a prequel has no business being this good. I really enjoyed what little of the movie I could actually get immersed in. And hope that studios continue to make good horror movies with good filmmakers. I rate Annabelle Creation a B- or 8.0


Now I know this next part could be considered hypocritical seeing as I’m 18 and went to go see a horror movie on a Friday night and I totally agree with you but am I wrong for expecting to at least enjoy the movie?  Every time there was a jump-scare the audience would laugh, yell, cuss, crack jokes loudly, and in the case of one loud annoying teenage couple nonstop flirting/foreplay. Now I get it they’re teenagers but that doesn’t give them the excuse to act like they’re at home. People payed money to watch this movie, not hear you talk and make out with your boyfriend. When you are a public space with other people you need to be courteous. Your age doesn’t give you an excuse to act however you want.  I was there to enjoy some popcorn and watch the movie and unfortunately I didn’t really get to. I’m sorry for rambling and just kind of using the movie to complain but I thought it was important to have this conversation. If you’ve had any bad experiences like this please feel free to leave a comment, or if you like this type of post and want to see more like it, or hated this type of post and want me to just stick with reviews, I’m open to criticism .



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