Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Early Access Review

I know this is different from what I normally do but I want to branch out a bit with my writing. So to start out I’ll be reviewing the competitive multiplayer game Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds. The structure of the review will be different seeing as this is a video game and does not follow set movie conventions.


PUBG (as it’s community calls it) starts by letting you create your own customizable character and then drops you into a massive open map into a Hunger Games style death match where you must loot houses to find randomly spawned weapons,armor,healing supplies,and weapon attachments all in the hopes of being the last player (or squad depending on if you have friends to play with) out of 100 others to survive.  The game is on a match by match basis and can become addicting quite fast, as of the time of writing this the game is still in early access and I have already sunken in around 36 hours. The graphic are honestly nothing too special but its all about the gameplay here anyways, chances are you’re going to be too worried about survival to really care about the graphics. As of writing the game is on PC only with a Xbox launch (really Microsoft?!  you boast about cross-platform play then buy exclusivity rights *GROANS LOUDLY*) planned for later this year. As of right now PUBG has a pretty decent community but that will probably change seeing as the majority of Xbox players are children (before you start typing angrily in the comments I have a PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. I have used Xbox enough to verify this,also PC and PS4 are my favorites so let the comment rage begin)  and the game is going to allow PC and Xbox players to play together so yeah expect voice chat to become unusable.


Overall PUBG is a fun experience especially if you have friends to team up with, leading to some of the most fun I’ve had this year. As of early access I rate PUBG  a B- or 8.1.

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