Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch the Co-director of the first John Wick and soon to be director of Deadpool 2. I was fairly excited for this movie because I am a massive fan of the John wick series and I gotta say I’m very disappointed by this movie. It had a lot of promise and ultimately squandered it. As always no movie is without its flaws so let’s get into it.


The story revolves around MI-6 agent Loraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) whose mission is to recover a list that has a bunch a agents names on it in cold war era Berlin. What follows is a highly stylish poorly paced cliché spy story.


Charlize Theron gives a decent performance as Loraine but I honestly was expecting more. Her character was hardly fleshed out which I get it it’s an action movie you don’t go to them for amazing characters but given the directors work on John Wick which has suprisingly good characters and character development. There was next to none here. If I’m being honest she seemed bored throughout almost the entire movie, and the movie honestly suffers from it. Charlize Theron is a great actress but for some reason I just didn’t buy her performance here. James McAvoy (X-men, Split) was also in this movie and portrays agent David Percival Loraine’s partner in the hunt for the file. James McAvoy is the standout performance of this movie in my opinion. He gives a fun wacky performance in a movie otherwise full of dull and uninteresting characters. Sofia Boutella (the Mummy, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Star Trek: Beyond) plays a french agent and again gives a great performance. She does a lot with very little, and it works to an extent. What surprised me was that both John Goodman (Monsters Inc., 10 Cloverfield Lane, Kong: Skull Island) and Toby Jones (Harry Potter,The Hunger Games, Sherlock) were in this movie. Both of them are phenomenal actors and honestly the movie wastes their talent. They had hardly any screen time and when they did they were given a sentence at most.


Before we get to the good, which yes there is some good here, we need to discuss the bad which there is a lot of. First off the editing. The main problem I had with the editing was the fact that every time the action kicked up so did the music. Meaning the music went from tolerable to loud enough to drown out the sounds of bloody murder. It was distracting at first but just became obnoxious as the movie dragged on. Next up the story. Without spoilers let me just say the story was dull and clichéd as hell. The premise of a list full of agent names being stolen has been used time and time again. My next big problem was the pacing. Every time the plot gained momentum it would cut back to this interview with John Goodman, Toby Jones, and Charlize Theron. It killed the momentum repeatedly and began to really piss me off.


Now finally for the good. The one good thing the movie had going for it was the style.   The action was well choreographed and had a very distinct feel to it much like John Wick.


Atomic Blonde was a total let down for me. I don’t think this movie is terrible but it’s just not great either. I can see this movie finding an audience, I’m just not it.

I rate Atomic blonde a D- or 6.3

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