Dunkirk Review

Dunkirk is the latest movie from writer/director Christopher Nolan, and is about the real life evacuation of Dunkirk which basically went down as a colossal military disaster that happened in WWII. What follows is one of the most intense, profound movies of 2017 thus far. As usual no movie is without its flaws so let’s get into it.


Here is where I’d normally give a brief plot description, however this a movie where I feel like the less you know the better. The movie has far less an impact if you know a lot going in.


Now for the performances and character development. This movie had a lot of actors with a combination of both old familiar faces, and new unheard of talents. And when I say there are a lot of actors i mean there are THOUSANDS upon thousands of extras crammed together on a beach in full military gear. As for the familiar faces Tom Hardy (or more like the top half of Tom Hardy’s face) stars as an air force pilot providing cover to the beach. Tom Hardy was incredible in this movie due to the fact that he has to act through only the top half of his face. Also in this movie is Mark Rylance who has recently risen to fame from movies such as Bridge of Spies where he won an Oscar for best supporting actor, and the BFG which was dubbed a commercial flop by the media. Rylance gave a great somber performance as a one of the civilians who helped evacuate Dunkirk.


As for character development there really isn’t any and for once this is a good thing. Dunkirk is at its core a story of survival. A story of thousands of terrified men trying to make it out of a shitty situation. Dunkirk takes place in the moment and Christopher Nolan made the brilliant decision not to .include typical war movie clichés such as the soldier trying to make it back to a pregnant wife. We don’t get anything  like that in this movie and it’s refreshing as hell.


Dunkirk is a uniquely told war movie that doesn’t follow Hollywood norms and does justice to the terrible event that inspired it. \

I rate Dunkirk 9.7 or or A.

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