The Mummy

Before we jump into it let me say this movie perplexed me. on one hand you have an acceptable summer action spectacle meant to get you out of the house for a little bit. while on the other hand you have a lackluster wannabe franchise starter. With that being said no movie is without its flaws (especially not this one) so lets jump into it.

side note: if you haven’t seen the trailers and have any interest in seeing this movie skip the first paragraph which holds minor plot spoilers needed to tell this review properly.

The Mummy stars Tom Cruise as Nick Morton a soldier / tomb raider who accidentally unleashes Princess Ahmanet a.k.a. the mummy who was imprisoned for horrific crimes which will not be listed here because some people I don’t know who probably care about spoilers. Anyways what follows is a movie with decent acting and action sequences but with a lackluster and tonely inconsistent script.

Like I said the acting in this movie isn’t terrible it’s actually quite good in terms of a summer blockbuster. Tom Cruise really owns his role as Nick delivering some pretty witty one liners. The sane can be said for Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe. Sofia Boutella does her best to make the mummy both a scary and alluring villain. Russell Crowe play (minor  Spoilers) Dr. Jekyll. Crowe makes Dr. Jekyll charming yet quietly menacing. this is about where the standout performances stop. It’s also unfortunately where I have to start shit posting this movie. One of the biggest issues i had with this movie was Jake Johnson who plays Chris Vail the stereotypical comic relief sidekick who becomes so gratingly annoying that i was practically cheering for this character to get killed off. And this is where I have to get into some big spoilers to voice my complaints properly so if you care skip to the next paragraph. They actually do end up killing him off pretty early into the movie.  the only problem is they bring him back almost immediately as a recurring hallucination nick has. And that’s not even the worst part they bring him back to life at the end of the movie meaning we are going to get more of this character in the future. on a slightly less frustrating note we have Annabelle Wallis who plays the role of the screaming damsel in distress. at least i can say Wallis’s performance was decent but the fact that we get a screaming useless damsel two weeks after Wonder Woman is unacceptable. it’s not movie ruining but it’s worth a mention.

Quick side note with mild spoiler. Princess Ahmanet calls Tom Cruises Nick Morton her Chosen in an ancient Egyptian word that sounds almost identical to senpai. given the plot of the movie this uped my enjoyment 10 fold. just thought this would give anyone who gets it a good laugh.


Now for My biggest issue before I grade the movie…the screenplay. While the story itself isn’t bad the dialog can be. The movie was written by six different people leading to a very conflicted tone. It tries to mix Horror, Comedy, and Action. the Horror and Action mix well but the comedy is where this film suffers example A. Jake Johnson’s character.



Overall i ended up enjoying The Mummy quite a bit but the lackluster screenplay and Jake Johnson kept me from loving it. I rate The Mummy  C+



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