Free fire Review

An insanely enjoyable thrill ride


Free fire is the latest movie produce by A24 and is about two groups of morons trying to conduct an arms deal that goes horribly wrong. What follows is one of the most fun and enjoyable times at the theater I’ve had this year. with that being said lets start,


Normally I’d start off with the performances but I don’t have too much to say about them this time. Everyone gave a pretty decent performance. Sharlto Copley who I’ve come to know for his wacky over the top charismatic character acting is as wacky and charismatic as ever Portraying the role of Vernon the arms dealer. Brie Larson was an absolute bad-ass in this movie. She plays Justine the one who brokered the trade and this is what her character in Kong should have been. Armie Hammer plays Vernon’s body-guard and easily gives the best performance of his career bringing a level of charisma and humor I didn’t believe he possessed. But what really makes this movie work is the casts chemistry with each other. after I saw the movie i learned that a lot of the lines were improvised and it shows and it works here really well actually.


Now for the basic premise and location. The majority of the movie is that  these twelve character are shot so badly that their only option is to crawl around in the warehouse in which the arms deal takes place. Now on paper this sounds boring but this movie is anything but due to the cast and the insane Tarantino levels of violence.


to summarize,

I don’t think this movie is perfect, it has its flaws most notably how hard it is to tell whats going on at times but I do think it’s a damn shame that people are missing this for The fate of the Furious. this is a fun enjoyable movie as worthy of your time as Fast 8.

I rate Free Fire

B+ or 8.5



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