Logan Review

The claws are out.


quick disclaimer before we jump into things. let it be known that I’m a huge X-men fan and have been since I saw the original X-men trilogy in 2010. Logan more specifically is my favorite super hero because of the emotion depth he shows. So yes I’m a bit biased towards X-men but I’m not gonna defend X-men Origins : Wolverine. That movie was absolute dog crap and both the studio and the fans know it, and the Last Stand was disappointing at the very least. So I’m a bit biased but I’m not tone-deaf. With that out-of-the-way let’s get into it.

Logan is set in the not so distant future of 2029. Mutants have vanished, the X=men are gone, and Logan’s stuck south of the border caring for a mentally deteriorating Charles Xavier. So it goes almost without saying that this is a bleak movie. Even by X-men standards this movie is dark, hence the R rating. Which allowed this movie to be a cut above the average super hero movie (pun absolutely intended). As usual let’s start with character and performance analysis.


Hugh Jackman gives a career best performance as a man who’s lost everything in life there is to lose, and then discovers he has a bit more to lose than he thought. Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier A.K.A. Professor X, and shows us a different side of the aging former leader of the X-men. British comedian Stephen Merchant makes his first appearance as the mutant Caliban and gives a decent performance for the little screen time he was given. He is mainly used as the comedic relief and believe me you’ll be grateful for it due to how dark the movie is. As for the villains they were good but weren’t given enough screen time to flesh them out and make them great. Finally  Dafne Keen makes her debut  as Laura A.K.A. X-23 and I gotta say I think she has a future in acting. She was great in it, and I hope they keep her on as X-23 instead of recasting Hugh Jackman.

One of the main reasons fans (myself included) were looking forward was the R rating, aand it paid off for them. because of the rating they were able to tell the story they wanted to. Plus we got to see the claws in action (hence the horrible pun that is the subtitle of this review) and got all the blood and gore we thought we would.

As for the story itself I thought it was the best since Days of Future Past if not better. The story was a more grounded realistic take on the X-men universe that fans have been asking for.This movie felt like the culmination of the X-men franchise thus far, it wasn’t afraid to take big risks with its main characters and led to huge emotional payoff in the end.

I rate Logan

A+ or 10/10


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