Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Review

An adaptation worthy of the original

Beauty and the Beast is Disney’s latest attempt at converting their animated classics into live action movies. And in my opinion this is by far their best live action adaptation thus far. As usual no movie is without its flaws so let’s get into it.

Let me just start by saying that the original 1991 animated classic was one of my favorites growing up and I still believe it to be one of Disney’s best movies.

With that being said I expected a lot out of this one and it delivered in about every way. First let’s talk about the characters. Emma Watson was expertly cast as Belle and brought new life and energy to a beloved Disney princess. As for Dan Stevens as the Beast I thought he did a pretty great job. I had a few problems with the Beast in general but I’ll discuss that later. As for Luke Evans and Josh Gad as Gaston and Le Fou I thought that they completely stole every scene they were in. It turns out the two have great chemistry and I hope they get another role together. As for Ewan McGregor as Lumiere I thought he felt pretty miscast in the beginning. As the movie went on it felt like his performance got better starting at the big Be Our Guest musical number. Finally Ian McKellen as Cogsworth felt like the perfect choice and as usual McKellen gives an excellent performance.

Now for my problems about the movie.  The CGI was not at all as well as it should have been, most notably Lumiere, and Chip. Chip looked like his face was drawn on with a crayon, and Lumiere looked stiff and unnatural making it feel like the animators didn’t gave him the time he deserved especially due to how large his role in the film actually is. Now as for my problems with the Beast.  Overall the CGI for him was  well done except for when he was on the brink of tears. it always pulled me back into reality whenever the Beast tried to look sad. I don’t know why they had such difficulty with this but they did and the Beast looked goofy in rather somber scenes as a result.

Overall I enjoyed this one I thought it was a decent adaptation that brought something new to the table and can proudly stand beside the original.  I rate Beauty and the Beast

A or 9.4

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