Kong: Skull Island Review

Kong: Skull Island is the Second movie in Warner Brothers planned monster-verse culminating in Godzilla v.s.s King Kong which is set to release sometime in 2020.  I got to say I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Of course no movie is without its flaws so let’s get into critiquing this one.

The first thing I have to say about Kong is that the characters were not the Rogue One dispensable bodies I was expecting them to be, in fact i found myself actually caring about what happened to some of these characters. Namely John C. Reilly as Hank Marlow and Samuel L. Jackson as colonel Packard.. They brought this charisma and energy that kind of just brought the movie to life in my opinion while still giving  balanced and nuanced performance when it was called for. As for Tom Hiddleston as James Conrad he was kind of just your typical action hero who had one or two scenes to flesh out his character. The one scene where he really shined was (minor spoilers) the bar scene at the beginning of the film where he starts a bar fight and takes on a few men with a pool cue. Other than that he just sort of felt lost and out-of-place trying to act like James Bond.

As far as the story goes it was a cut above your stereotypical action flick and contained some nice tie ins to the upcoming monster-verse. My only complaint really about the story itself is that it often relied a bit too heavily on war movie and monster movie clichéd ways of killing off the dispensable foot soldiers, but this is Hollywood and they can only come up with so many ways to kill off the grunts so its excusable.

Now as for the King of the apes himself I thought he was rather well done. He proved to be a terrifying new take on Kong and it worked out rather well. My only true complaint for the movie itself is that the opening scene and Kong himself at times had some CGI that just pulled you out of the action.

Side note: this has nothing to do with the movie but I need to vent. During the movie i shared the theater with one of the most rude inconsiderate people I’ve ever seen in the theater and I’ve shared the theater with some pretty inconsiderate people. For starters she sat right in the middle row in the center of the theater and would pull out her phone with the brightness all the way up and text about every 20 to 30 minutes. It’s not so much the fact she was texting it was that she sat where everyone could see it. BUT it got worse. towards the final fight she switches to the camera on her phone and raise it above her head and films like she’s at a concert with  the freaking flashlight on.  If she uploaded the part where (major spoilers skip to the next paragraph to avoid) Samuel L. Jackson traps Kong with fire to You Tube please leave a link in the comments if you find it so I can file a proper complaint.

Alright rants over no more spoilers thank you so much if you read through that.

Overall Kong: Skull Island was a fun, charming, action packed reboot that pales slightly in comparison to the Peter Jackson version. I rate Kong

A- or 9.0

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